Data Manager

IID: [1:{01000022}]

This interface is provided by the data manager. There is a single data manager for each distinct instance of a data platform.

Associated Interfaces

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> Type Definitions

NotificationType ID: 2

A notification message that is targetted for a human rather than a program, in HTML format. The text will begin with an '' tag and end with an '' tag.

Encoding: 3
Length: 32767
Type: string
ID Type ID: 1

Identifier for different actors in the data exchange (device, source, sink, parent).

Type: oid

> Methods

NotifyItem ID: 1

Send a notification based on the input parameters. There is no response and no failure mode - it is assumed that a failure to deliver the notification will (internally) cause some other administrative notification.

 1 -  deviceID - The device that the notification applies to.
 1 -  rootID - The top-most (root) parent that the node applies to. The manager may not be aware of the complete topology, and so may not be able to easily determine an appropriate notification recipient. This parameter offloads the manager by providing the top-most parent, which should be sufficient to determine the appropriate recipient.
 2 -  notification - The notification content.