OTA Status Report

IID: [1:{00010023}]

This interface allows a device to report the status of a software package update.

> Type Definitions

Package IDType ID: 0

The name of the software package.

Encoding: 106
Length: 1024
Type: string
ErrorType ID: 4

String error message.

Encoding: 106
Length: 1024
Type: string
Update SourceType ID: 6

The source of the update file. For example: OTA, DVD, USB, etc.

Encoding: 106
Length: 1024
Type: string
StatusType ID: 1

4Successfully Updated
5Failed to Update
Byte enumeration of Notified, Downloading, Updating, Successfully Updated, Failed to Update.

MAX: 5
MIN: 1
Type: uint8
Percent CompleteType ID: 2

The percentage of completion.

MAX: 100
MIN: 0
Type: uint8
Optional Percent CompleteType ID: 3

The optional percentage of completion.

Type: nullable ( Percent Complete )
Optional ErrorType ID: 5

String error message. May be null if no error occurred.

Type: nullable ( Error )
Optional Update SourceType ID: 7

The source of the update file. For example: OTA, DVD, USB, etc. May be null in the install source is not known.

Type: nullable ( Update Source )

> Methods

Report StatusItem ID: 0

Reports the current status of the software update process.

 0 -  Package ID - The software package identifier.
 1 -  Status - The status of the software packages download/upgrade.
 7 -  Optional Update Source - The source of the update file.
 3 -  Optional Percent Complete - The percentage of completion of the software update. May be null if the device cannot determine the percentage.
 5 -  Optional Error - The error message if the update failed. May be null if the status is not failed.

> Exceptions


Indicates the software packages reported by the device does not exist.

Indicates the status of the software package update is unknown or invalid.

Indicates the percent complete of the software package update was invalid.